7 Tips for Raising A Genius and A Healthy Child

I read a lots of article about child geniuses... The fact is most of children are geniuses when born. I strongly believe this when I start to observe how my children developed since zero days old. I have also read many books about how to train and teach or perhaps enhance they genius ability during early childhood stage. I can conclude that all our children are geniuses!

Here, I share my 7 Tips:

Tips #1 Antenatal and postnatal counselling or training.

Parents should attend postnatal classes during pregnancy of 5 months above. This is good for both baby and parents to prepare for arrival of the new baby. At the same time, mommy can learn and understand earlier about pregnancy to reduce the discomforts feeling during pregnancy.

Tips #2 Sign up for postnatal exercise, such as pregnancy yoga.

Find professional exercise coaching by a Physiotherapist. Learn do to safe exercises during pregnancy can help your body balance and calm your baby mind in your womb. An aternative way is to buy pregnancy yoga book from a book store at your neighborhood.

Tips #3 Breast Feeding your child at least 100 days upon birth.

Breast milk is the best for baby. Lots of article mentioned about the nutrition from breast milk, it's natural and it's the most basic food for all new born babies.

Tips #4 Basic nutrition for baby starting with solid food.

Pick nutritional food that is easy to digest such as carrot, potato. It helps your baby to have healthy teeth and skin, plus increase your child analytical skills. Apple or grapes juice can be as supplement drinks besides breast milk.

Tips #5 Display colorful toys or pictures in baby room wall

Display many colorful toys or pictures to develop your baby's eye focus and mind concentration. You have to change the position once a while to catch your baby attention and thinking.

Tips #6 Play a variety of foreign languages songs CD

During nap time, play a series of different languages music. When your baby is grown, they will be able to learn foreign languages without any difficulty, possible will be very good in speech and self expressing.

Tips #7 Right brain kids education

Parents if you have planned for your child education financial budget, try to enroll your child n enrichment course for right brain kids education. From the course you can learn more on how to train your toddler at home. Some methods from Montessori also very good in helping parent to teach at home.

Hope above tips are useful especially for 1st time parents!


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